SO&SO at Jaxon Home

Last night, Jaxon Home hosted an amazing party in their massive space in the Helms Bakery complex in Culver City. SO&SO was proud to have several of our coffee tables featured as well as all of our current chalkboard marquees (new designs coming down the pipeline very soon!). We were excited to learn that ElonRead more

SO&SO Lighting For Levi’s®

SO&SO was commissioned to create motorcycle-themed lighting for the Levi’s Vintage event at the Union Square store in San Francisco, CA. Here are some pics from the event! Vroom! Vroom!Read more

Look For SO&SO at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on July 8th!

The SO&SOs are returning to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena this Sunday, July 8! We’ll have our cloth covered extensions cords, all ReWorks lighting and vintage/market finds and LOTS OF NEW items not listed on the site yet — Native American blankets, vintage camping and sporting goods, and our new bike racks toRead more

Once again, black is the new black.

Ebonizing wood isn’t new, but these days dark is feeling fresh. Don’t be afraid to decorate with black — the obvious choice is for men who want a masculine feel for their space, but if paired with color or white it can be quite feminine as well. Here are some examples of ebonized interiors thatRead more

Some say juxtaposition. We say just right.

One of the things that inspire our products is the concept of duality — two very different things married to make something very unique. Old and new. Rustic and modern. Rough and slick. Dark and light. Here are some examples that inspire us today:Read more

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Hello World!

              Allow us to introduce ourselves…we are SO&SO! SO&SO is the collaboration of Josh Chauvet, an action sports innovator, and Linda Cobb, a music industry art director. We have brought our professional cultures of action sports and music together to form the mission of SO&SO — products that inspire peopleRead more